Engineering support

TST supports and provides maintenance service for a wide range of semiconductor inspection systems.

Support contents

  • System Refurbishment
    “Refurbishment” is the term used to describe the maintenance and servicing work performed on used systems in order to restore them to good condition. TST engineer, who has experience working in the major semiconductor manufacturers, will refurbish the systems in a strict controlled environment, clean room.
  • System relocation and installation
    TST will acquire pre-shipping data on customer request and prepare the tool for shipping. We will relocate and install the tool at the specified location.
  • Troubleshooting
    Semiconductor systems are highly sensitive technological equipment and it is inevitable that the users encounter issues at some point of time. TST has its original on-call supporting system. The telephone support is free. And if so required, engineers are available for dispatch.
  • Sales of Used Systems
    In accordance with our customer needs, TST will find the right tool in the market worldwide.
  • Periodic maintenance and consumable parts replacement
    TST perform tool periodic maintenance(Preventive Maintenance) and consumable parts replacement, for example lamps and lasers.
  • System Auditing
    TST will inspect the current tool condition and perform auditing including those which customers are intending to purchase and remanufactured by customers.

Suporting detail

KLA-Tencor Systems

Wafer inspection systems

  • KLA-2131
  • KLA-2132
  • KLA-2135
  • KLA-2135xp
  • KLA-2138
  • KLA-2138xp
  • KLA-2139
  • KLA-255X

Non-pattern wafer surface inspection systems

  • Surfscan6200
  • Surfscan6220
  • Surfscan6400
  • Surfscan6420
  • SP1 Series

Overlay and Metrology systems

  • KLA-5100
  • KLA-5200xp
  • KLA-5300
  • Archer10